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Conceived in 2001 by the University of Tsukuba, the human care sciences course is an academic discipline for the 21st century that encompasses fields such as medicine, nursing, psychology, and education to provide a holistic and scientific approach to human care. Globalization, the rapid advance of information technology, and the ageing of society have given rise to unforeseen strains on society.

In addition, changes in the family and social fabric have generated all kinds of psychosocial stresses leading to an increase in psychosomatic disorders, dysfunctional behaviors, suicides, and delinquent crime. To solve these myriad social issues, medical welfare workers with a firsthand experience of such problems as well as experts in human and social studies are needed who can provide a holistic approach to human care. To respond to these needs, this course enables students to achieve a firm grounding in research methodology, medical knowledge, and human care science, and thus prepares them for careers in human care research and education, care management, and the health and welfare civil services.

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Nanako Tamiya

Nanako Tamiya


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