Special basic subject Subject number
Human anatomy HE2 0001
Practice of human anatomy HE2 0013
Human Physiology HE2 0021
Practice of Human Physiology HE2 0033
Biochemistry HE2 0041
Practice of Biochemistry HE2 0053
Medical History** HE2 1001
Microbiology HE2 1021
Practice of Microbiology HE2 1033
HE4 0033
Health & Hygiene HE2 2001
Medical Engineering HE2 3021
Hygienic Chemistry HE3 3091
Practice of Medical Engineering HE4 0193
Electric Engineering HE2 3041
Coaching Fundamentals and Practic 829 0205
   ▲ Imaging introduction***
The same as that of Y635302 (creative revival: science visualization exercise
School-of-Art-and-Design opening a course
HE2 0142 
Basic medical sciences HE2 1041
Mastering the TOEFL test HE2 2031
Molecular Biology HE2 0061
▲Health Economics HE2 2121
▲Cell systemology HE2 0131 
Biometrics HE2 2021 
Molecular Bacteriology HE4 0031
Topic of Medical science Ⅰ HE4 0081
Topic of Medical science Ⅱ HE4 0091
Policy for Health & Welfare*  HE2 2011 
Training Abroad on Medical Biology
Training Abroad on Medical Biology
Training Abroad on Medical Biology
HE4 1175

HE4 1215

HE4 1225
▲International Forum on Medical Biology ResearchⅠ
▲International Forum on Medical Biology ResearchⅡ
▲International Forum on Medical Biology ResearchⅢ
HE4 1170

HE4 1190

HE4 1200
Training and career development HE2 3053 
Basis of the Reading of English Literature on Medical Sciences HE2 4001
Basis of the Reading of English Literature on Medical Sciences HE3 5021 
Bioethics in medical research and practice  HE2 1101 
Medical science intramural information site
 *Joint opening a course with the science of nursing
**medicine and joint opening a course
***A study establishment subject besides
▲elective subject and a free subject Without sign is a compulsory subject.
G30 degree program
Master's program in Medical science HP
Only for in the university
(2002-2018)Medicine group Medical science
    A syllabus can be perused. (PDF)
Standard completion annual
1 annual or the subject for 1&2 years
 The subject for 2 annual
3 annual or the subject for 3&4 annual
The subject for 4 annual
  Special subject Subject number
Laboratory Instrumentation HE3 5001
Clinical Laboratory Science Ⅰ
Clinical Laboratory Science Ⅱ
HE3 5031
Practice of Clinical Laboratory HE3 5053
Clinical Pathophysiology HE4 0151
Immunology HE3 3041
Histopathology HE3 1001
Histopathology practice HE3 1013
Cytoscopy study  HE3 1021
Clinical Hematology HE4 0131
Practice of Clinical Hematology HE4 0013
Clinical Biochemistry HE3 2002
Practice of Clinical biochemistryⅠ HE4 0043
Clinical physiology HE3 4001
Medical Microbiology HE4 0011
Radioisotope examination technology HE3 2062
Practice of clinical physiology HE3 4013
Coagulation and Fibrinolysis HE4 0141
Practice of Coagulation and Fibrinolysis HE3 2033 
▲Cellular and Developmental Biology HE3 6111 
Hygienic chemistry
HE3 3091
Clinical laboratory medicineⅠ
Clinical laboratory medicineⅡ
HE3 0011
Molecular Immunology HE4 0201 
Practice of Immunology HE4 0203 
Practice of RI Technology HE3 2073 
Genetic Testing and Chromosome Analysis HE4 1241
Practice of Genetic Testing HE3 2053 
Practice of Medical Microbiology  HE3 3013 
Clinical Pharmacology HE4 0231 
Practice of Clinical Pharmacology HE4 0233 
Blood transfusion HE3 3061 
Practice of Blood transfusion HE3 3073 
International Aspects of Infectious Disease HE3 3081 
Practice of Virology HE4 0223
Medical Imaging Technology HE3 4021 
Practice of Medical Imaging
HE3 4033 
Laboratory Informatics HE3 5011 
▲Frontiers of Brain Science HE3 4101 
▲Artificial Organ Technology HE3 7141 
▲Simple radiation biology HE3 6181 
▲Embryo Manipulating and Animal Experiments HE3 6151 
▲Blood cancer for beginners HE3 6161 
life science Pathologic biochemistry of a sake HE3 4121
▲Genome Medicine HE3 4131 
▲Engineering for Therapeutics HE3 7101
Topics in Vascular Biology HE40 161
Clinical Practice in Laboratories HE3 9003 
Clinical Practice in Laboratories
(For an international medical science main major) 
HE4 0123
Practice of Microbiology HE4 0033
Medical science EnglishⅠ(international) HE4 0061
Medical science English Ⅱ
HE4 0071 
Care colloquium*,**  HE3 9012 
Research Seminar
HE4 0052
Seminar on Medical Sciences(international) HE4 0102
Graduation Thesis HE3 9023 
Frontier of Clinical Laboratory Science HE3 5041 
Medical Science Seminar HE4 0001
Graduation Thesis
HE4 0113
2018 academic year Syllabus
  Comprehensive subject Subject number
  Comprehensive subject I  
  Comprehensive subject II  
  Basic subject (community and related subject) Subject number
   information processing
( lecture and exercise)
   ▲begineer foreign language
(except English)
 Free subject
  The English foundation *,**  
  Foreign culture English *,**  
  Comprehensive English *,**  
  Japanese language  
   Physics* HE1 2001
   Physics Laboratory HE1 2013 
   Chemistry * HE1 0001 
   Chemistry Laboratory HE1 0023
   Biology* HE1 1001 
   Biology:Laboratory HE1 1023
  The science English exercise *,**  
▲Workshop for Medical Science Students HE4 1182