We provide the evidences towards improving the care of the patients.


Prof. Yukiko Wagatsuma

Prof. Yukiko Wagatsuma

Researcher Profile M.D (University of Tsukuba 1987).,
D.T.M (University of Tokyo 1987).,
M.P.H (Johns Hopkins University 1990),
Dr. P.H (Johns Hopkins University 1996)

The scope of research has much diversified from infectious disease control to population, nutrition, environmental and health systems research. The most challenging initiatives I am involving are in the studies of emerging and re-emerging infections, developmental origins of health and disease and climate change impact on health. I continue to be interested in finding effective and appropriate options for health interventions to control ill and health for the most vulnerable population in the world.

We conduct the Critical Path Research (CPR) in the Tsukuba Clinical Research & Development Organization: T-CReDO. We aimed at patient-oriented clinical researches and their application, and foster professionals in various related fields essential for performing CPR.