Degree Programs in Medical Sciences, Graduate School of Comprehensive Human Sciences

Q&A for Students of Medical Sciences Majors

Internet connection, security doors in the medical area, and Seminars

1. Connection to the Internet:

1.1 Areas where the network is available

  • Each laboratory in the Medical Area excluding the University Hospital is provided with an Internet connection.
  • Computer Room on the 4th floor:
    A key card is required to enter the room.
  • Wireless access is available at the Medical Cafeteria, the foyer in front of Clinical Lecture Room, the space next to the Coffee Shop, the Seminar Room on the 4th floor of Institute of Medicine Building and in the lobby of Nursing Medicine Building. You are required to have an ID for the School Network System (13 digits) and a password to access it.

1.2 Connection settings

  • Internet connection in each laboratory is available if you connect to the network cable. IP address setups are done automatically from the DHCP server.
  • A private IP address is provided from the DHCP server. A fixed IP address is provided after applying.
  • Please follow the rules of the managers for the hub or router in the room or research groups.
  • Please refer to the website below for the information of installation of parameters and available services at the Office for Medical Information Technology:
    If you access from outside the University, a Medical ID Password is required.


  • The Email account: s****** is issued by the University Academic Information Center.
  • Zengaku Computer System(

  • The account will be erased at the time of your graduation and will be replaced with a definitive Medical E-mail account.

3. Cautions for using networks

  • The password and ID are not lendable or transferable.
  • Antivirus software is installed in the Mac and Windows desktop computers of laboratories. If it is not installed or not updated, you may install it as instructed at the above website with “FAQ”- “How to get antivirus software”
  • If you connect to the Medical network with a laptop computer, antivirus software must be installed and the virus protection should always be “ON”. It also has to be updated with the latest virus definition files and you are required to perform a virus scan regularly.
  • You must follow the instructions of your supervisor for LAN wiring. Improper setups of a router and hub will cause shut downs of the Medical network.
  • The use of the Winny is prohibited.
  • Do not keep patients’ personal information in your own computers or in a USB, which could result in the loss of the information.
  • Administrative information will be sent through the mailing list. Be cautious in case of transferring E-mails to your cell phone, as the size of the server is limited when documents you may need to submit are attached.
  • - When you put out information on the Internet as University of Tsukuba including writing in a bulletin board, you are not allowed to use anonymity nor false names. Read Thoroughly the guideline

4. Security Doors

  • Most places are restricted to entry that requires a student identification card. Refer to the “Entrance Control in the Medical Area”.
  • The Academic Service Office issues your student identification for Medical Sciences. The use of the shared use instruments rooms is permitted by each operative organization of the room. You need to be registered for entrance by checking
  • Re-issued student identification must be re-registered by the office for Medical Information Technology

5. Seminars

  • Seminars are available for the students of 2 Majors in Medical Sciences and the students may acquire credits by submitting reports after the lectures.
  • Video /PowerPoint presentations are also available on the internet depending on permission from lecturers.

If you forgot your password, or would like to change it, please refer







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