Research Areas

Research Areas(Master’s program)

Clinical Nursing Area
Development Support Nursing Health Problems Nursing
Focusing on maternity and infant development support and on subjects with health problems and their family, this field is exploring nursing interventions. For a nursing practice adapted to the type of care and needs, we investigate scientific nursing from comprehensive perspective including the cognitive side such as factors having influence on health/life behaviors and human reactions. We also organize lectures or exercises focusing on nursing related to prevention or recovery for people facing health problems in our Clinical Nursing Area. Specifically, classes are held by teachers specialized in studies related to health problems such as cancer or mental disorders or related to the patient in end-of-life as well as his family.
Key Research Topics
  • Health problems and support to women during puberty and adolescence.
  • Nursing support to reduce parenting stress or mother-child relationship support.
  • Research on Informed Assent for children.
  • Studies on infant and family confronted to an End-of-Life situation.
  • Development studies on functional disorder of patients with chronic diseases and their family.
  • Research on nursing interventions on cancer patients, cancers survivors and their family.
  • Research on nursing in order to increase self-efficacy for people with mental disorder and their family.
  • Development studies of rehabilitation nursing interventions and evaluation methods in psychiatry.
Training of professional nurses
  • Oncology Certified Nurse Specialist Program Details
  • Certified Nurse Specialist in Psychiatric Nursing Program Details
Health Care Systems in Nursing Area
Community Health Systems Nursing Home Healthcare Nursing Environment-focused Nursing
Based on the principles of health promotion, this area explores group practical nursing at school, in a community or at work place. This area is building community health systems in cooperation with health, medicine and welfare by inspecting scientifically improvements of the QOL of individuals, families or groups living in community and as well as achievements of healthy lifestyle. Paying attention to nursing problems occurring during the environmental transition of the transfer of the sick person from the medical facility such as hospital to home, we explore methods to organize and support a life environment so as to prevent from lifestyle diseases and to improve the QOL of the people living with a chronic disease. We conduct studies and provide education based on fieldwork practice or nursing theories and models by examining the efficacy of nursing equipment, measuring environmental infection inside medical treatment facilities, considering the health care environment from architectural and psychological point of views, assessing remote nursing, challenging an environment with amenities such as colors, sounds and fragrance and putting into question nursing in terms of time and space such as biological impact of environmental factors, sleep, safety or comfort.
Key Research Topics
  • Life-span development and environment.
  • International comparative studies on care system.
  • Evaluation of public health policies and programs employing epidemiological methods.
  • Research on supporting methods to stimulate activity of patients suffering from the disorder of consciousness called persistent vegetative state.
  • Methods to coordinate and support life environment in order to prevent from lifestyle diseases.
  • Nursing Ergonomics.
  • Physiological effects of environmental factors.
  • Research on Telenursing.
  • Impact of care techniques and alternative therapy on the body.
  • Studies on school health and community health.
  • Research on the development of health promotion programs.
  • Research on Community Empowerment.
Training of professional nurses
  • Certified Nurse Specialist in Chronic Care Nursing Program Details

Research Areas(Doctoral program)

Nursing Science Area
≪Once practical thinking as a highly specialized professional acquired, let’s aspire to the next step by taking advantage of the guidance system on research dissertation for students who want to become the bridge between practical and theoretical nursing that is to say educators, researchers or nursing administrators.≫
As the Doctoral Program is aiming at creating new academic fields, the curriculum has been organized into a unique area such as “Nursing Science” so as not to be tempted to restrict to the existing nursing fields. Therefore, the student who is about to compile his doctoral program research paper can choose by himself the suitable teacher/researcher for his own research topic. He can also receive pedagogical and research guidance from several different teachers belonging to the most appropriate nursing science field or other fields related. Furthermore, we endeavor a guidance system, which gives you many opportunities for peer review among students of all levels and keeps constantly in your mind your research.