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Posted 28 Nov 2017

【Event Notice】

Space Animal Research
6th Annual Scientific Animal Science Symposium
Tsukuba Association for Laboratory Animal Science

Date: 1 Dec 2017 (Fri)
Time: 13:00-17:00 (After Reception 17:15-20:00)
##Pre-registration Required


→ Symposium Poster (In Japanese) (6.3Mbt)
→ Additional Details Here

Posted 22 Nov 2017

【New Publication】

MafB is a critical regulator of complement component C1q.

Press Release (in Japanese only / 日本語)

Nature Communications DOI:10.1038/s41467-017-01711-0 (English)
Posted 26 Sept 2017

2017 Tsukuba Global Science Week
Tsukuba Transborder Medical Research Center

The Transborder Medical Research Center held a sucessful morning of presentations at the 2017 Tsukuba Global Science Week in the International Congress Center, Tsukuba, Japan on 26 Sept, 2017.

See Program Schedule PDF (in English)
Posted 28 Aug 2017

【New Publication】

Discovery of a carcinogenic mechanism causing specific malignant lymphoma.

Press Release (in Japanese only)

Posted 28 June 2017

【New Publication】

A distinct function of the retinoblastoma protein in the control of lipid composition identified by lipidomic profiling

Oncogenesis (2017) 6, e350; doi:10.1038/oncsis.2017.51 (in English)

Posted 17 June 2017

International Symposium
Tsukuba Transborder Medical Research Center

The Transborder Medical Research Center successfully held the International Symposium in Tsukuba City on June 17, 2017. TMRC presentted work associated with advancing innovation, cooperation and research in complex fields of medical science.

Press Release (in English)
Press Release (in Japanese / 日本語)

Posted 2 May 2017
【New Publication Notice】

Elovl6 Deficiency Improves Glycemic Control in Diabetic db/db Mice by Expanding β-Cell Mass and Increasing Insulin Secretory Capacity

Diabetes 2017 Apr; db161277. (英語/English)

Press Release (in Japanese only / 日本語)

Posted 12 April 2017
【New Publication Notice】

The transcription factor MAFK induces EMT and malignant progression of triple-negative breast cancer cells through its target GPNMB

Science Signaling DOI: 10.1126/scisignal.aak9397

Press Release (in Japanese only / 日本語)

Posted 11 April 2017【

【New Publication Notice】

Mafb prevents excess inflammation after ischemic stroke by accelerating clearance of danger signals through MSR1

Nature Medicine doi:10.1038/nm.4312

Press Release (in Japanese only / 日本語)

20 Feb 2017

【New Publication Notice】

Nrf2 improves leptin and insulin resistance provoked by hypothalamic oxidative stress

Cell Reports
Press Release (in Japanese / 日本語)


10 Feb 2017

【New Publication Notice】

SHISA6 confers resistance to differentiation-promoting Wnt/β-catenin signaling in mouse. spermatogenic stem cells

Stem Cell Reports

PDF Press Release(in Japanese only / 日本語)


(Event Notice)

Transborder Medical Research Center Symposium
Kickoff Symposium

Date : 10 Feb 2017 (Fri)


Event Poster - PDF

6 Dec 2016

【New Publication Notice】




PDF Press Release(in Japanese only / 日本語)

30 Nov 2016日

【Seminar Information】

「IBM Watson AI for Genomics」- Dr Koyama of IBM 2nd Dec(Fri)5pm

Seminar by Dr Koyama of IBM about development and use of IBM Watson for Genomics.

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28 Nov 2016日

【New Publication Notice

Press Release PDF

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