Phenome Laboratory

@Using shared equipments installed in the Center, noninvasive multivariable analysis and biochemical/pathological examinations of genetically-modified animals are conducted. We operate.

Transgenic mouse expressing KAEDE photoconvertible green to red fluorescence.
IVIS Imaging System
IVIS Optical Imaging Platform Seamlessly Integrated with Ultrafast MicroCT
CT scanner for small animals
LCT-200 is an X-ray CT scanner for experimental animals.The non-invasive measurement is economical in the way that it enables you to observe the same mouse or rat in long-term. By using the standard analysis software, quantitative analysis of RAW data can be performed for fat, bone, body mass etc.(ALOKA)
VEVO 2100 System
The first high-frequency, high-resolution digital imaging platform with linear array technology and Color Doppler Mode.
Laser scanning microscope for small animal intravital imaging