Mutant Mouse Research Core

Professor: Satoru Takahashi

Visiting Professor: Atsushi Yoshiki
(BioResource Center, RIKEN Tsukuba Institute)

Associate Professor: Takashi Kudo

Assistant Professor: Michito Hamada

In Mutant Mouse Research Core, genetically-modified mice are created by developmental engineering. Mapping by histopathological method, we make functional analysis of transcription factors in vivo.  We make researches on the following themes.

@Elucidation of molecular mechanism of pancreatic beta- cell development and its application.
Insulin is the only pancreatic -cell hormone capable to lower blood glucose concentrations.Our group is interested in the molecular mechanisms of pancreatic -cell development and differentiation so that the results could be applied to the future replacement of dampened -cells in diabetes with newly developed -cells from other cell types.
@Functional analysis of large Maf transcription factor family, MafB and c-Maf in macrophage development and functions.
We study about functions of large Maf transcription factor family, MafB and c-Maf in macrophages. We have investigated that MafB is important for developing atherosclerosis, autoimmune disease that caused by macrophages. MafB is also important osteolysis caused by abnormal osteoclast development from macrophage progenitors.
@Elucidating biological roles of carbohydrates using glycosyltransferase conditional KO mice.

The physiological roles of the carbohydrate moieties remain poorly understood. Glycosyltransfeases catalyze the transfer of a monosaccharide from a donor sugar nucleotide onto an acceptor saccharide in ER and Golgi apparatus. We aim to unravel biological roles of the carbohydrates and glycoproteins by analyzing phenotypes of glycosyltransferase conditional knockout mice.

@Transcriptome analysis of mice in the space.

Alterations of gene expression pattern in each mouse organ under long stay in the space will be analyzed.