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Professor Masashi Yanagisawa (Director of the International Institute for Integrative Sleep Medicine (WPI-IIIS), Doctoral Program in Biomedical Sciences) will appear on the TV program "Yume no tobira plus" on TBS (March 2nd, 2014, 18:30-19:00).


【Information on broadcasting】

Dear Colleagues,
We would like to inform you that Dr. Yanagisawa, Director of the International Institute for Integrative Sleep Medicine(WPI-IIIS)at University of Tsukuba, will appear on the following TV program.

Program: "Yume no tobira plus"
Date and Time:Sunday, March 2nd, 2014;18:30-19:00
TV Station: TBS
Content:The program covers the vigorous research activities of Dr. Masashi Yanagisawa, Director of WPI-IIIS, to challenge the mystery of sleep / wakefulness, one of the biggest black boxes in modern neuroscience.
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We hope you won’t miss it.

Contact:Alliance and communication Team,International Institute for Integrative Sleep Medicine, University of Tsukuba
     TEL: 029-853-5857 (ext. 5857)