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University of Tsukuba, Faculty of Medicine, International Office "Charity Christmas Party 2015"will be held on Dec 24.


Date: December 24th, 2015
Place: Innovation Building 8th Floor
Time: 18:00 ~
Ticket: 1000 yen
Please contact: Faculty of Medicine, International Office, Institute of Medical Sciences Building, Room 421
Tel: (5860)

*500 yen from every ticket sold will go to the Pediatric Ward of the University of Tsukuba Hospital to buy books and toys and educational materials.
In 2014 over 250 people joined the even and from ticket sales we raised 150,000 yen for the Pediatric Ward. This year we are planning to hold a bazar at the party venue. So if you have any unwanted goods that we could sell to raise money for charity, please bring them to the International Office.

Please join us for the party. But if you can't, please consider contributing to the party by buying a ticket and/or bringing things for the bazar. Together we can make a difference.

Faculty of Medicine, Medical English Communications Center
Assistant Professor
Thomas Mayers