“Welcome to Transborder Medical Research Center”

Professor Satoru Takahashi, Chairman.

The University of Tsukuba Transborder Medical Research Center was established as a collaborative research base to maximize the strengths of Tsukuba Medical research resources, facilities, networks and systems, to create research and discovery capabily at the world’s highest levels of medical research.

In addition to global outreach and promotion of international research collaboration, we conduct collaborative research for consigned production of genetically modified mice for profit, as well as contract analysis and outsourcing of proteome analysis and chemical synthesis of peptides.

TMRC also strives for IP protection and strongly encourages efforts to establish venture companies created as a result of the Research Center and the Tsukuba Clinical Medicine Research and Development Organization ( T-CReDO ).

Importantly, we work as a combined and integrated center to provide community benefit and bench to bedside capability which helps advance research as well as medical treatment and services.

We are involved in some of Japan’s most important and prominent research projects and have built a framework that not only returns value from ongoing research and discovery, but also provides opportunity for future generations of high level biomedical research scientists.