Advanced Biomedical Research in Tsukuba, Japan

Transborder Medical Research Center (TMRC) is a proactive, high level biomedical research initiative led by Japan's University of Tsukuba, Faculty of Medicine. We combine diverse fields of research and collaborate with highly recognised research organizations involved in some of Japan's most important and pressing precision medicine and pre-onset disease control issues.

TMRC increases the opportunity for focused advancements and discovery across complex fields of science. Our center's specific laboratory and collaboration arrangement encourages high level research and collaboration across biomedical science fields and works to reduce barriers which often inhibit opportunity for research and discovery. TMRC discovers both from within and between differing complex research fields, to release even greater potential for important break-throughs and success.

We pursue answers to high priority research questions in biomedicine. Most importantly, we add value to society by discovering new knowledge and bettering the world's understanding of advanced biomedical science, for a better and healthier future for all.

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