2017 Tsukuba Global Science Week - Tsukuba Transborder Medical Research Center presentations

Oct 26, 2017

Promotion of Basic Research in Life Science with Exit Strategy

The Transborder Medical Research Center held a sucessful morning of presentations at the 2017 Tsukuba Global Science Week in the International Congress Center, Tsukuba, Japan on 26 Sept, 2017.

The theme of presentation sessions was “Promotion of Basic Research with Exit Strategy”.

Special guest speakers included Professor Peter Leedman of Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research, Perth, Australia, Professor Akiko Hata from University of California, San Francisco, USA and Professor Toru Natsume of Japan’s National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST). Trans-border Medical Research Center members Professor Satoru Takahashi and Dr Chris Hipolito also gave presentations on their recent work.

Program Schedule PDF (in English)