Research Goals and Focus

Primary Research Priorities

a. Control Cancer

b. Investigate Cognitive Function

c. Advance Understanding and Methods for Organ Regeneration

d. Control Influenza (and COVID-19)

e. Control Metabolic Disease

TMRC has created a free-flowing, collaborative environment within and between the primary research divisions of our center. Each division contains specifically selected expertise laboratories, which also collaborate with various associated National and international organizations critical to our discovery work.

Ultimately, TMRC was created to perform research at the highest levels of biomedicine’s potential, for the health, knowledge, and welbeing of Japanese and world communities. Due to the aged demographics of Japan, we specifically focus on collaborative projects which have a high potential of finding preventative outcomes which can help control and prevent age-related illness risks, and disease onset and pre-onset conditions.

Additional Research Priorities and Focus

  1. 1. Establish new therapeutic methods for influenza vira, metabolic disease and organ regeneration

  2. 2. Establish new research fields in Space Biology and Space Biomedicine.

  3. 3. Establish effective methods for analyzing interaction between hosts and microbiomes.

Biomedicine and the Frontiers of Space

TMRC research is deeply involved in Japanese and international efforts to advance the fields of Space Biomedicine and Space Medicine in the rapidly evovling space sector.

TMRC's Space Biology and Space Medicine division collaborates in multifacited biomedical research projects with Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) and other major space research organisations around the world. Our work in this field contributes not only to areas like organ regeneration and aging on Earth, but also assists in efforts to push human endeavous towards living and working safely in the microgravity environments, as humans return to colonize the Moon and set sights towards voyages to Mars and beyond.