Integrated Research Division
Advanced Hemato Oncology

Scientific research often requires an artistic and fluid approach to discovery, which often leads to unpredictable or highly unexpected outcomes. Similar perhaps, to how an artist might start painting their favorite designs or styles.

In the Advanced Hemato Oncology laboratory we paint fresh and vibrant new approaches to scientific designs along the theme of “onco-immunology” in attempts to target both blood cancers and solid cancers. Specifically, we integrate both “data science” and “disease mouse models”. We use the strengths of close, high expertise collaboration relationships across the diverse laboratories and divisions of Transborder Medical Research Center.

The data science aspect of our approach uses access to some of the worlds most powerful Super Computing resources to analyze big data from clinical samples, across both single-cell and genomic data sets. This is done via our direct association with the clinical departments treating blood cancer and numerous other cancers, at University of Tsukuba Hospital: “Bedside to Bench.”

As biological events are discovered from within the data science research targeting human cancers, we strive to prove principles via disease mouse models. Through the continued and dedicated progress verifying the molecular pathology, our ultimate aim is to return meaningful and useable results from analysis in basic research, back to clinical practice and bedside treatment: “Bench to Bedside”.

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Division Leader

Professor Mamiko Sakata-Yanagimoto (坂田-柳元 麻実子)

Research Division Leader

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