Digital Medicine Strategy Division
MedDx Health and Clinical Sciences

Our laboratory promotes applied digital research with the aim of improving medical discovery, health and welbeing for society. We analyze and interrogate medical and biological data, from across research fields that are digitizing human biology, medical measurement and hospital information, and put the data to use for medical advancement and science.

Our scope and research includes:

O    Collection and accumulation of data

O    Analysis of new data

O    Utilization of data for medical treatment

Of particular focus, is applied research and discovery of insights from genomic data analysis.

As part of the digitization process, we work with various medical fields within University of Tsukuba and collect genetic information and big data from omics analysis of entire exome, genome, and proteome data. This data is collected and collated at the University of Tsukuba Hospital. In coordination with the hospital, we are furthering development of more advanced and capable systems for information collection and digitization.

While we are currently accessing genome data and medical informtaion, we have also begun collaborative research efforts with clinicians, information scientists and analysis engineers, with the goal of also including and utilizing data sources external to the university and medical fields.

The program aims to also offer a system that returns useful analysis results and information to sample donors. The University of Tsukuba Hospital has already initiated a program providing clinically meaningful genetic analysis information for sample donors from some of the analytical studies already conducted.

To ultimately improve medical research, care and treatments, we aim to create a safe and ethical medical data analysis and sharing system, which forwards the opportunity for deep data analysis discovery and access among big data researchers, medical professionals and specimen donors.

Research Division Leader

Associate Professor Ohsuke Migita

Research Division Leader

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