Transborder Medical Research Center (TMRC)

Our Organization

Main Organizational Mission


Promote important discovery in focussed basic research.


Discover and develop key research technologies to advance basic research.


Reduce barriers between complex fields of science.


Improve collaboration between important research organizations and resources.


Establish flexible, cost effective research management systems.

Japan faces growing and urgent issues
associated with

“a super aging society”.

Transborder Medical Research Center (TMRC) has therefore brought together diverse and specifically selected elements of “highest level biomedical” research know-how to proactively accelerate efforts to solve some of the most urgent aging related biomedical and aged health research issues.

Our research focuses include intensive investigation into cancer, metabolic disorders, infection, cognitive function and other age related disease risks, and onset and pre-onset illness conditions.

Our divisional arrangement and collaboration within and between these critical ‘pillars’ of expertise and resource, allows us to greatly increase the opportunities and chances of discovering potential biomedical ‘keystones’. This assists the wider medical community and the world, in efforts to better understand and help eliminate important disease conditions.

Our research management systems work to reduce barriers across diversified and highly complex fields of science. This enhances efficiency of research, communication between knowledge centers, and cost effectiveness of available research resources.