Laboratory of Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell Biology

Welcome to our laboratory!

Our laboratory aim to contribute to the development of regenerative medicine by studying the biology of functional stem cells and its related factors, especially the hypoxic stimuli.


September 2017 

Ms. Vuong Cat Khahn graduated from Doctoral Program in Biomedical Sciences.
Ms. Ratu Adinda A graduated from Master Program in Medical Sciences.

Ms. Erica Carolina, Ms. Do Khahn Vy, Ms. Jamie Lin joined our laboratory.

Mr. Toshiki Kato published his research paper titled "SDF-1 improves wound healing ability of glucocorticoid-treated adipose tissue-derived mesenchymal stem cells."Read more.

August 2017 

Mr. Feng Yu Jiang from National Taiwan University participated and won 'Good Discussion Award' in the University of Tsukuba Summer Research Program 2017. Congratulations!

May 2017 

Ms. Vuong Cat Khanh published her research paper titled "Uremic Toxins affect the imbalance of redox state and overexpression of Prolyl Hidroxylase 2 in Human Adipose Tissue-derived Messenchymal Stem Cells involved in wound healing."Read more.
This work was selected as a cover article for Stem Cells and Development vol. 26, Issue 13 (July 2017).


Our laboratory is mainly focused on these topics:

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Stem Cells & Hypoxia Group

Investigating the molecular mechanism of HIF in hypoxic stress

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Tissue Stem Cell Group

Analysis of functional adult stem cells and progenitor cells for clinical application

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Cancer Stem Cell Group

Researching cancer relapse with cancer stem cells

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Embryonic Stem Cell Group

Decoding ectodermal development using ES cell approach