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Expanding the Scope of Clinical Epidemiology More Evidence, Communication and Decision-Making

Welcome to the Department of Clinical Trial and Clinical Epidemiology

Clinical epidemiology has been evolved in modern medicine. That helps to understand the conceptual gaps between structured experience of basic science and the more complex, open-ended problems arising for the care of patients. Based on the principals of clinical trials and the use of clinical epidemiology, we tried to provide the evidence towards improving the care of the patients.

Epidemiology Group

The members of our research group take challenges on the development and application of epidemiologic techniques and provide relevant evidences for diagnosis, treatment and prevention.

Biostatistics Group

Biostatistics is an applied statistics for medical and biological research, and aims to develop, apply, advice on statistical methodology for study design and data analysis in the research.


Tutorial classes for R statistics will be held on July 24 and 26, 2018.
Summer Epidemiology camp in Tateyama Training Center,August 25-27, 2014
Event of the World No Tobacco Day , May 27,2014
Welcome party of Epidemiology laboratory , April 17, 2014
Alumni party of Epidemiology laboratory in Asakusa , March 1, 2014
Prof. Gonghuan Yang, Special Medical Seminar," The Burden of Disease in China and impact for health care system",July 11,2013,
Summer Epidemiology camp in YamanakaTraining Center,July 2-4, 2013
Welcome party of Epidemiology laboratory ,June 6, 2013
Dr. Miriam AGNO, Medical Seminar," Epidemiologic tools for better healthcare delivery in the Philippines" December 12.2012,
Dr. Masafumi Okada gave a research presentation about "A practice to create an analysis report of middle-sized data using MPI clusters and Rstudio" at the Institution of Statistical Mathematics.
2012.08.17-18 / 11.16-17
Dr. Masafumi Okada gave lectures on R statistical software at University of the Ryukyus.
Poster presentation at The 3rd Leading Graduate Schools International Conference November 1-November 2, 2012
・Disparities of mortality and risk factors of stroke and heart disease in Japanese and Chinese population
・Nutritional Status and Childhood Wheezing in Rural Bangladesh
Presentation at The 4th HDDS Conference in Kyoto October 27.2012 「Birth cohort study in Bangladesh」 「Allergy and nutrition-a study using HDSS」
Masafumi Okada's research plan titled as "Interactive data analysis for a large clinical study using clustercomputing" was selected as a collaborative research projects at the Institution of Statistical Mathematics.
Epidemiology Course organized for high school students under the DoDEA Pacific Activities. September 24-25,2012
"Improved diagnosis for pediatric tuberculosis in Bangladesh (JSPS)"Workshop, August 27-30, 2012
Summer Epidemiology camp in TateyamaTraining Center, August 11-13, 2012
Prof. Gonghuan Yang, Special Lecture on Public Health ,"Challenge and Implementation of Chronic Diseases' Control in China", June 21,2012
"Improved diagnosis for pediatric tuberculosis in Bangladesh (JSPS)"
Research Review Meeting, June 25-27, 2012
Participated in The International Surveillance Research Unit(TSRU)meeting, April 18-20, 2012
Presentation at The 1st Morocco- Japan Symposium-Sustainable Society through Advanced Sciences-, March 15, 2012
Lecturer at The 22nd Annual Scientific Meeting of the Japan Epidemiological Association