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Utilization of Official Facebook Page in Emergency Situations

It has been decided that the University of Tsukuba Official Facebook Page will be used as the tool to provide information when the university's official website becomes inaccessible due to a power blackout or other disaster related reasons.

Our university's facebook page is available for everyone. Account registration is not required to visit the site.
Please refer to the university's official facebook website to collect information in case of emergency.

The University of Tsukuba Official Facebook Page


2nd Lunch Forum

English as a global social phenomenon.
What roles does English have in your country and in the world?
What is the condition of English in your country and the world?
Should we try to speak international English?
Does international English exist?

Discussion leader: Brian Purdue

Date:May 16, 2012 (Wed)
12:15-12:30 Lecture and Q & A
12:30-1 pm Social time
BYOL (bring your own lunch)
Language: English


Our First Lunch Forum

Our lunch forums are casual gatherings organized by medical faculty and students with the purpose of providing networking opportunities and a forum for discussing topics of interest.
If you would like to speak at a lunch forum contact us.
Your participation keeps our program strong and vibrant!

May 9, 2012 (Wed)
12:15-12:30 Lecture and Q & A
12:30-1 pm Social time
BYOL (bring your own lunch)
Language: English


New Student Orientation

Orientation for new Graduate Courses students from abroad was held on April 11, 2012.
The followings are some of the photos at the orientation.


The AY 2012-2013 scholarships for Self-supporting International Students April Application Grantees FY2012

We will accept applications for the AY 2012-13 scholarships (Tsukuba Scholarship, Honors Scholarship and other private scholarships) through university recommendation in April. Interested students should download the application form
( "For Current International Students" → "Scholarships" on the International Student Center website)
Please submit the application forms to the respective academic service office (student support) or graduate academic affairs office, or the office of the graduate program in which you are enrolled during the application period.
Please be informed that recommendation will be available to only a few applicants owing to the fact that only handful of scholarship foundations are offering scholarship for the AY 2012-13 from now.


Self-supporting international students holding a status of residence of "College Student" and satisfying either one of the following conditions ( i ) or (ii ).
i ) Degree students/research students enrolled in and after August, 2011
ii) Degree students who could not apply in July, 2011 because of a leave of absence from school ("kyugaku") at the time of application and returned to school in April ,2012.


i ) Students who have taken a leave of absence from school in the AY2012-13
ii) Students whose present scholarship (or financial aid) will continue to be provided or who expect to receive a scholarship (s) (or financial aid(s)) in the AY 2012-13

Application period

From Monday, April 9, 2012 to Monday, April 16 , 2012

Where to submit application

Applications should be submitted to the educational organization enrolled
(Academic service office (student support) or graduate academic affairs office, or the office of the graduate program)

International Student Center

New Student Orientation

There will be an orientation for new students from abroad as follows:

Date: Wednesday, April 11, 2012
Time: 18:00
Place: Room 4A482, Institute of Medicine Bldg

Two professors from Bordeaux

Professors from Bordeaux were invited to secure the safety of Tsukuba for the Leading Graduate Schools Conference meeting in November. Vice President Dousset of the University of Bordeaux II and Professor Voisin of the European Community Action Scheme for the Mobility of University Students (Erasmus Programme) visited Japan on March 14 and 15, 2012.

One purpose of the visit was to gather information about the current situation of Japan to share with people from around the world who consider visiting Tsukuba for the Leading Graduate Schools conference.

For more details, please refer to the website of the University of Tsukuba and Université Victor-Segalen Bordeaux 2:



Dr.Nicola Festussia

Six months ago, after an exciting competition, Nicola Festussia was selected as the Outstanding Speaker by judges of the Leading Graduate Schools International Conference, 2011. He returned home to Edinburgh, but soon returned to claim a special prize – a week’s visit Tsukuba beginning March 22, 2012.
During this week he presented a seminar, “Functional interactions between Nanog and Esrrb in pluripotent cells” introducing his research at the University of Edinburgh’s Institute for Stem Cell Research. Discussions with researchers working in Tsukuba further opened opportunities for new directions in research.

New brochure of International Graduate Programs in Medical Sciences

Download here.




From 14 to 17/2/2012, University of Tsukuba, in cooperation with Institute of Tropical Biology (ITB), organized the annual “Molecular Biology Course 2012” in Ho Chi Minh City. The “Molecular Biology Course” is part of the "Internship Program 2012 in HCMC” for students of University of Tsukuba.

The course included two parts, Experimental Teaching Course and Experimental Research Course. The Experimental Research Course was held at the National Key Laboratory of ITB.

From Vietnam, 22 participants who are currently staffs or students of Institute of Tropical Biology, BioTechnology Center of HCMC, University of Science-VNU HCMC, Hue College of Medicine & Pharmacy, International University-VNU HCMC and Nong Lam University came to attend the course. From Japan, 6 lecturers and 15 PhD students of University of Tsukuba came to teach and help Vietnamese participants in the course.

Lectures about “Molecular Biology”, “Nrf2: a master regulator of antioxidant and detoxification genes”, “Analysis of Gene Expression by RT-PCR”, “Relationship between hypoxia and hypertension” were delivered to participants by lecturers of University of Tsukuba. At the Experimental Research Course, participants had chance to practice “RNA isolation”, “RT-PCR” techniques as well as investigate the effects of electrophiles in foods and chemicals in the environment. In addition to scientific subjects, participants were also trained a soft skill which was “how to give a good presentation”. At the end of the course, groups of participants made presentations to share their experience during the experimental research.

Participants were issued certificate for attending the “Molecular Biology Course 2012” of University of Tsukuba.

Beside students coming for “Molecular Biology Course 2012”, another group of 4 students from University of Tsukuba also came to Ho Chi Minh City to conduct the "Clinical Research Course" at Cho Ray Hospital, under supervision of doctors of the hospital.