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Humankind invented science and technology, and in doing so unwittingly exposed its health and wellbeing to a great deal of threats. Today, our global environment is deteriorating, as the delicate balance of its water and atmospheric systems becomes polluted; within this increasingly precarious environment are chemical substances, such as endocrine-disrupting chemicals, the byproduct of the technological inventions of humankind. Elsewhere, the spread of new and re-emerging infectious diseases is a result of the high speed at which people and items travel the world today. In order to control this kind of global threat, we cannot rely on medicine alone, the primary aim of which is to prevent and to heal disease. Rather, we must combine multiple related disciplines, starting with the field of biology. When carrying out research on the human being, there are ethical boundaries that dictate which experimental methods are considered acceptable, and thus collaboration and integration with computational science is required to apply biological findings to the human being.

〈Educational Goals of the Program〉

The Human Biology Ph.D. Program adopts a multi-perspective methodological approach, integrating the disciplines of biological science, medicine, computational science, and materials science, to understand the mechanisms of human survival, adaptation, and inheritance. Students will be given training allowing them to develop the outstanding research skills and specialist knowledge required at this level of study. The aim is to nurture the global leaders of the future, able to create a rich human society.

〈Matchless Educational Approach〉

The core concept at the heart of the various unique educational and research approaches that make up this course is a program of individualized, global overseas training, exemplified by appropriate technology learning programs. Through this kind of overseas training program, the Ph.D. Program is able to conduct coursework at partner universities overseas and in collaboration with industry, designed to 1) foster leading researchers with a challenging spirit both for academia and industry, 2) develop leadership skills along with entrepreneurship for desirable organizational management, and 3),develop specialist and social skills based on strategic planning.

〈The Human Biology Ph.D. Program Graduate〉

The Human Biology Ph.D. Program graduate will be able to use the skills obtained through the program’s unique educational approach to work toward the development of solutions to those global-scale problems that pose a threat to the health and well-being of humans. He or she will display the ability to display excellent judgment, make breakthroughs, and take conclusive action, geared toward attaining international consensus.

Diploma Policy in Ph.D. Program of Human Biology

A student must complete the following requirements in order to earn a Ph.D. degree.

A minimum of 72 units of the degree program and enrolled in the program continuously for certain period of time.
Pass the Qualifying Examination and defending the dissertation
Final Examination - Satisfying the above 1 and 2 requirements and the following abilities must be demonstrated:

(1) To figure out problems and frameworks of possible solutions to global issues with broad perspective and deep insight.

(2) Possess knowledge, skills, intellect and creativity for planning research or activities to solve problems.

(3) To have enthusiasm, administrative ability on cooperative negotiation, leadership and integrated humanity, meeting the needs of the society on a global mass scale.

Student Support

Financial support (JPY 2,160,000~2,880,000 /year,including school expenses)
Support for overseas activities (JPY 1,000,000 average)
Overseas lab rotation, Overseas internship and research,
Appropriate technology education
Preferential availability of dormitories
(personal expense: JPY 30,000/month)
Risk, mental health and career support

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