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November 1 (Sat)


@Opening Ceremony

Welcome Reception

November 2 (Sun)

8:00-8:55  Registration

8:55-9:00  Opening Remark(Dr. Shoji)

9:00-11:40  Plenary Lectures


Dr. Robert M. Veatch (Chairman Dr. Macer)

[Family Discretion in Brain Death and Organ Donation in Children]

Judge Christian Byk (Chairman Dr. Tamaoka)

[Europe and Organ transplantat: harmoniazing law and respecting cultures]

Dr. Darryl Macer (Chairman: Dr. Morioka)

[Altruism is a global ethical principle across donor age and culture]

Dr. Leonardo D. de Castro (Chairman: Dr. Yuzawa)

[Living non-related donors: is blood truly thiker than water?]


11:40-12:50  Lunch


12:50-17:50  Plenary Lectures


Dr Christian Steineck (Chairman: Dr. Ishii)

[Brain death, philosophical anthropology and the body-mind-problem]

Dr. Zohr er HaghighiiChairman: Dr. Alireza Bagherij

[Definition of death and itfs relationship with organ transplantation

from Islamic viewpoint]

Dr. Mohammad Mehdi Golmakani, Dr. Mohammad Hossean Niknam

(Chairman: Dr. Mochizuki)

[Islamic transplantation ethics]

Dr. Demirhan Er demir (Chairman: Dr. Watanabe)

[A perspective to the medical ethics and laws in organ transplantations

of children in Turkey]


(15:10-15:30  Coffee Break)


Dr. Joong Ho Kim (Chairman: Dr. Tanaka)

[The problems on brain death and organ transplantation around Korea]

Dr. Tsuyoshi Awaya (Chairman: Dr. Kuramochi)

[What is the reason why trading organs or transplantation from

condemned criminals happen in Asia?]

Dr. Takeshi Kuramochi (Chairman: Dr. Awaya)

[Applications for human rights relief and the recommendations

of the Japan Federation of Bar Associations]

Dr. Masahiro Morioka (Chairman: Dr. Ohkohchi)

[The significance of the debate on ethical issues of brain death in Japan]



Dr. Brengard (Chairman Dr. Tamaoka)

[A case on psychiatric approach of selecting a child for organtransplant]

18:00-18:55  Symposium - Organ transplant in Children -

(All speakers, Chairman: Dr. Shoji)

18:55-19:00  Closing Remark (Chairman: Dr. Shoji)

19:00-21:00  Closing Ceremony



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