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Epidemiology Group

Faculty Member

  • Yukiko Wagatsuma

    Yukiko WagatsumaProfessor

    Research achievement→TRIOS

    The scope of research has much diversified from infectious disease control to population, nutrition, environmental and health systems research. The most challenging initiatives I am involving are in the studies of emerging and re-emerging infections, developmental origins of health and disease and climate change impact on health. I continue to be interested in finding effective and appropriate options for health interventions to control ill and health for the most vulnerable population in the world. We conduct the Critical Path Research (CPR) in the Tsukuba Clinical Research & Development Organization: T-CReDO. We aimed at patient-oriented clinical researches and their application, and foster professionals in various related fields essential for performing CPR.


  • Yuko Nozawa

    Yuko NozawaVisiting Researcher

  • Carolyn Kemonto Nyamasege

    Carolyn Kemonto NyamasegeResearcher


  • Takahiro Hokimoto

    Takahiro HokimotoDoctoral Program in Clinical Sciences

    I am a first year doctoral student. I have worked as a physician and my subspecialty is rheumatology. I have a great interest in vasculitis. There are a lot of unsolved clinical questions in rheumatology. I would like to learn how to solve them in my PhD course. I grew up in Tsukuba before entering university. I am very happy to live here again.

  • Genn Takayanagi

    Genn TakayanagiDoctoral Program in Clinical Sciences

    I am a second year doctoral student who belongs to a pharmaceutical company as a biostatistician. My Ph.D. study is to assess reliability (reproducibility) of a screening test of a certain disease based on statistical and epidemiologic approaches.

  • Rupa Singh

    Rupa SinghDoctoral Program in Medical Sciences

    I am passionate about community development and serving vulnerable populations by improving the health of communities through research, education and policymaking. I conducted a community-based study about the association of birth intervals and pelvic organ prolapse. I will continuously work on researches about women to promote their health.

  • Jou-Yin Chen

    Jou-Yin ChenDoctoral Program in Medical Sciences

    I have completed my master’s degree in public health in Taiwan. During my studies, I felt a deep attraction to database analysis, and wish to provide better health information from database analysis by using epidemiological knowledge for the public. My study interest is glycemic control in diabetic patients. I want to provide more comprehensive glycemic control methods for diabetic patients.

  • Deng Shiqi

    Deng ShiqiDoctoral Program in Medical Science

    I studied veterinary in my undergraduate. I began to get interested in diseases prevention in the population when I studied infectious diseases in poultry farming industry. To learn how to utilize big data for health promotion, I then joined and completed the MPH program. The objectives of my PhD research are to utilize new health assessment for population research and to explore the new technology to assess health outcomes in longitudinal research.

  • Constanza Isabel Bravo Cabrera

    Constanza Isabel Bravo CabreraDoctoral Program in Medical Science

    After finishing my MPH at University of Tsukuba, I realize the chance that geography has into helping solve public health problematics. That is why I aim to apply my background as geographer and GIS specialist to better understand the local differences in the health of the population, and ultimately generate interventions in affected areas. My interests are epidemiology of chronic diseases and how differences in living settings alter them.

  • Kaori Daimaru

    Kaori DaimaruMaster of Public Health Program

    I enrolled in the Master’s Program in Public Health because of my interest in epidemiology. When I worked on pharmacovigilance of new drugs in a pharmaceutical company, I realized that epidemiology captures the characteristics of drugs from aggregated data. I am currently learning epidemiologic methods through a research using community annual medical examination data.

  • Kinuko Horigome

    Kinuko HorigomeMaster of Public Health Program

    While working as a public health nurse as a health promoter, I felt the need to correctly handle, interpret, and utilize various information and data. That is why, I joined this department so that I may gain knowledge and skills on health promotion and data management. I am interested in prevention of lifestyle-related diseases and the health management of employees living with disabilities. Therefore, I look forward to gaining knowledge and skills towards improving the health of the community.