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The 1st 2013 Faculty Development Seminar

The first FD Seminar of 2013: Future of the Doctoral Programs in Graduate School

Date & Time
 Wednesday, June 26th, 2013  5:00 pm – 6:30 pm

 F8 The Hall of the Health and Medical Science Innovation Laboratory building (West area R2)   map

Prospective Participants
 All PI (and prospective PIs) and those who are interested.

  Mr. Daiki Kitajima
   Accredited by Keio Business School
     Case method instructor
   The founder and director of United Praxis Inc.


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Head of the office Prof. Irie welcomed everyone to the seminar.
A greeting speech from the committee chairperson, Prof. Tomoki Chiba

Mr. Daiki Kitajima and Mr. Takamitsu Asano
The theme was Future of the Doctoral Programs in Graduate School. This was our first attempt to hold a seminar in a discussion style.

They were divided into 3 discussion groups.
Although all the participants know each other, they started off with introducing to each other.

After introducing to each other, they had a discussion based on the theme.
A lively discussion was going on in each group.

The contents of the discussion were described on the board.
Express your inner thoughts and convey them to third parties. In order to understand their intentions, the receivers respond them to confirm. The discussion continued further.

Closing remarks from the representative of the HBP, Prof. Akira Shibuya
It was a substantial and fruitful FD Seminar through discussion and question & answer session. Thank you for your participation again.



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