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Report on Musha-shugyo: Yuki Kato

Conference: The 2011 World Congress of Reproductive Biology

Period: October 8-12,2011

Venue: Cairns Convention Centre, Cairns, Australia

Report on Participation in World Congress on Reproductive Biology

   I would like to make a report on my participation in World Congress on Reproductive Biology, an International Conference held in Australia during October 9-12,2011.

   By participating in this conference, I have made the following goals to achieve.
1) To participate in World Congress on Reproductive Biology, most respected and participated International Conference on reproductive biology, and to give a presentation on my research achievements and to have discussions with various researchers studying sperm and general reproduction and to deepen my knowledge in order to adopt them in my research.
2) To improve my English proficiency.
3) To find a prospective institution abroad by getting in touch with the foreign researchers, for I am thinking of studying abroad while I'm in the Doctoral Program.

   First, to deepen my professional knowledge and to adopt them in my research, at the poster presentation, I was able to have discussions with researchers who were conducting a similar researches and they gave me some valuable suggestions. For example, I am now thinking of conducting a detailed analysis of the regulatory mechanism of aldose reductase-mediated generation of reactive oxygen species (ROS) including its relation with the carbohydrate metabolism of sperms but they gave me suggestions such as conducting CTC and amount variability of glutathione. Based on their suggestions, I would like to conduct these experiments for my paper.
   Secondly, as for the improvement of my English proficiency, to be honest, it did not improve dramatically through just this conference. But it gave me the strength to speak out more in English. By speaking in English, I felt the difficulty in making people understand what I was trying to say and felt that I have to work harder to improve my English.
   Lastly, for finding an institution to study abroad, I was able to talk and deepen my friendship with the RJ Aitken Group, the world's leading group on capacitation and acrosome reaction whom I became acquainted during the poster presentation at the 11th International Symposium on Spermatology at Okinawa in 2011. I was also able to become newly acquainted with the researchers from Spain and the U.S. Through these connections, I would like to find an institution which would be a good match for my future research.

(From Musha-shugyo Report)


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