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Report on the Studying Abroad Operation in 2012: Satoshi Yoneyama

Period: September 6, 2012- September 13, 2012

Venue: Barcelona, Spain (Barcelona International Convention Center)

Attending Conference:34th ESPENCongress
(The European Society for Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism)

Title: Insulin therapy can inhibit the boosting effect on systemic inflammatory response due to overfeeding-induced hyperglycemia under septic conditions, resulting in nutritional stress

The 34th ESPEN Congress report

   I had an opportunity to participate and to give a presentation at the 34th European Society for Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism Congress (ESPEN) due to receiving support from Studying Abroad Operation in 2012.
   It was a large-scale congress in which participants and presenters were not only from European countries but also from Middle Eastern and Asian countries. Participants and presenters from Japan are increasing every year, and 79 presentations were given, the greatest number of presentations so far from Japan and the greatest number from any one country. In fact, seeing Japanese people here and there at the venue, one could see that Japanese people have a big presence in this congress as people involved in Clinical Nutrition.
   The title of my presentation was Significance of blood sugar control under the condition of a severe infectious disease, the importance of insulin therapy and a taste of solving the hardening of blood sugar control and limitation, I felt that was interesting to people who face and have to manage severe infectious diseases on a daily basis. During the questions and answers session, they covered every detail and I realized that my presentation had quite an impact on the audiences.
   Moreover, I was able to receive a travel award which is for an excellent subject among 35 year-old and younger presenters. I was the only one who received this award from the Asian region; I was honored to receive such an award.
   As I look through the overall subjects of presentations, I found many presentations on nutrition management under serious conditions which are somehow related to my presentation subject. There were a few clinical studies that questioned the right and wrong of acute administration of calories and they were swarming with a large audience. I realized afresh that international interest in this field is rising and yet so many parts are indeterminate at the same time. In addition, I acknowledged how big the impact on clinical testing is, at the same time, I realized how behind we are in clinical testing and how little Japanese clinical evidence there about it.
   This time, I would like to express my deepest gratitude for being given such a meaningful learning opportunity off of campus.

(Report on Studying Abroad Operation)


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Announcement on Travel Award (My name is listed on the slide.)
At the entrance of venue with my award

Giving a presentation


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