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Report on the Studying Abroad Operation in 2012: Sakiko Yoshizawa

Period: September 30, 2012- October 7, 2012

Venue: Berlin, Germany (The Messe Berlin Exhibition Grounds)

Attending Conference:The 48th EASD 2012
(Annual Meeting of the European Association for the study of Diabetes)

Title: "Comparison of current BMI and BMI histories to screen for undiagnosed diabetesin Japanese men: Tranomon Hospital Health Management Center Study"

Report on the 48th European Association for the Study of Diabetes (EASD) Annual Meeting

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1)  The outcome of my presentation at the conference
   I gave a poster presentation in an audio guide tour style on October 4th.
   My title was "Comparison of current BMI and BMI histories to screen for undiagnosed diabetes in Japanese men: Toranomon Hospital Health Management Center Study". I was questioned about the validity of medical examination by interview and the clinical significance of my research.


2) The outcome of compiling the significant information
   I audited the guidelines of diabetic research in future. Also I was able to lean about interdisciplinary fields such as, the possibility of Βcellulariziation of the pancreas α cell etc, molecular biology and clinical medicine. Moreover, I was able to audit an interesting content about the change of taste by gene polymorphisms system.
   I also audited the relationship between diet and blood sugar control. A lot of information was different from usual opinions, so it was exciting. I felt that we will need an evaluation of the difference between religious restriction and cultural background in their effect on diet.


(Report on Studying Abroad Operation)


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