Educational content of the IPE program

First year, Early Exposure

Names of Programs Purposes
Communication Training To learn communication skills necessary to establish relationships with patients and members of the medical team
Experiencing Old Age, Pregnancy To learn the importance of daily life care from the standpoints of older adults and pregnant women
Hospital Ward Visit To learn the work procedures in a hospital ward while communicating with patients
Inpatient Experience To understand the feelings of inpatients and learn the roles of health professionals in the hospital ward from the standpoint of a patient
Outpatient Escort Program To learn the system of a hospital and the roles of various health care professionals in outpatient services from the viewpoint of a patient
Community Health and Welfare Institution Visit Experience the work of a variety of care workers in local facilities
Community Health and Welfare Institution Visit
Community Health and Welfare Institution Visit
Inpatient Experience
Inpatient Experience

Second year, Home Medical Care Course

 PBL tutorial of patient care and family support using examples of home medical care

Third year, Care Colloquium(Teamwork Training Course)

 The Care Colloquium (Teamwork Training Course) is a joint program of the three schools: simulated care conferences and discussions in small interprofessional groups consisting of students of the Schools of Medicine, Nursing, and Medical Science.The objective of which is to learn the importance of interprofessional collaboration to provide quality care.

Small group discussion by students of the three schools,General presentation meeting

Four year, Experience of Other Medical Profession’s Work

 Students experience the work of a nurse, pharmacist, medical technologist, and other specialists in Tsukuba University Hospital.

Fifth year, Community Based Medicine Clerkship

 Students learn the characteristics of interprofessional care provided in the community, including local clinics, hospitals, and home care.

Third year, Care Colloquium

Efficacy of the IPE program

Third year, Care Colloquium Third year, Care Colloquium Third year, Care Colloquium