Mar.2014 Farewell party

Dec.2013 Year end party

Apr.2013 Welcome party

Feb.2013 Farewell party

Dec.2012 Year end party

Oct.2012 Welcome party

Aug.2012 Goldfish visit

Mar.2012 Award

Mar.2012 Farewell party

Feb.2012 Formar member visit

Dec.2011 Year end party

Dec. 2011 one night at Yokohama 2

Dec. 2011 one night at Yokohama 1

Oct.2011 Party after lab moving

Aug.2011 Welcome perty

Aug. 2011 Lab trip

Jan. 2011 Scientific Illustration Workshop—Univ Tsukuba (Kobayashi group)

Team Mukaigasa

Team Ohashi

Team Matsuoka

Jan. 2011 Scientific Illustration Seminor—Univ Tsukuba

Aug. 2010@Lab trip

Aug. 2010 Science Visualization International Forum—TARA center

Mar.2010. Graduation

Mar.2010. Graduation ceremony

Mar.2010@Farewell party

Zebrafish (red, snail the fish tank cleaner)

Jan.2010@New Year's party

Dec.2009@Year end party

Dec.2009 Lab party at Lab member's Shushi restraunt

Nov.2009 Visitors: Mr Narashima, Mr Kawaguchi, and Ms Okawa

Sep.2009@Move completion party

Sep.2009 Fish meeting

Jul.2009@Scenery of lab

Jul.2009@Welcome party

Mar.2009 Graduation ceremony

Dec.2008@Farewell party