Faculty of Medicine, University of Tsukuba
Neurophysiology 日本語
~Investigate neural mechanisms of homeostasis~
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To prospective students

We are recruiting students who research with us.

Master's Program
Master's Program in Medical Sciences ニューロサイエンス学位プログラム
(Undergrad→) 2 years* → Master (Undergrad →) 2 years* → Master
Doctoral Program
Doctoral Program in Medical Sciences ニューロサイエンス学位プログラム
(Master→) 4 years* → Doctor (Master→) 3 years → Doctor
PhD Program
PhD Program in Human Biology PhD Program in Humanics
(Undergrad→) 5 year* → PhD (Undergrad→) 5 years* → PhD
* Based on the regular period of each program.
We also accept undergraduate course students etc.
If you are interested in our laboratory, please contact Dr. Koganezawa (t-koganemd.tsukuba.ac.jp).