Scholarship Programs/ Financial Aid

A Unique Financial Aid of Doctoral & Master's Programs in Nursing Science

Re-challenging Support Program

As a part of the creation of a diverse and flexible social system where re-challenge is possible (double-tracked life), we help you to step up and develop fully your individual capabilities so as to make a career in the nursing field.

We support those who have been away from the profession due to parenting or family reasons, those who are inexperienced with permanent jobs, those who have been working in another nursing field until now (those who want to try something new) in becoming highly specialized professionals by providing complementary education in addition to the graduate school as an opportunity to “re-learn.”

This project has completed a government-subsidized year supporting the “re-challenges”. However, we are continuing re-challenge support by providing educational support through e-learning, etc., which we have developed so far (such as content storage and the loaning of computers), and by offering evening classes. We will also keep considering the necessary support measures at the Graduate School of Comprehensive Human Sciences and Program of Nursing Sciences.

University-Wide Programs

Admission and tuition fees exemption