Message from the Chair

Tomoko Sankai

As indicated by the phrase "From Cure to Care," the recent trend in health and medical welfare has shifted from a focus on treatment aimed at prolonging life to an emphasis on relieving the suffering of patients, that is, people with illnesses, and improving their quality of life and quality of life, against a backdrop of advances in medical technology. This perspective is the direction in which nursing is heading. This perspective is the very direction that nursing aims to take. While respecting traditional and empiricist practices in nursing, further validation of nursing quality based on scientific evidence is needed.

The Master of Nursing Science degree program fosters the ability to scientifically explore nursing from an interdisciplinary and international perspective, and to develop new nursing techniques, education, and research methods based on interdisciplinary and scientific perspectives, in addition to specialized areas of nursing. In the Doctoral Program, we will foster individuals who can utilize the practical nursing and research skills they have developed in the Master's Program to create new knowledge and develop new technologies, while actively developing research activities from an international perspective and fostering the next generation.

Let us advance together for the future of nursing.

Nursing Science Degree Program Leader
Tomoko Sankai