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2012 Report on Short-term Visiting Program in Taiwan

Yukitsugu Asabe: M1, Master's Program in Medical Sciences

Accepting Laboratory: Dr.HY Chou Laboratory

Learning through Short-term Visiting Program in Taiwan 2012

   I had two reasons for applying to join the Summer School in NTU. First, I wanted to get an opportunity to bring to life the wonderful phase "A new discovery by a new research method" by getting new methods. I analyzed using several methods, Western blot analysis and so on, in order to see DNA, RNA and protein. I learned that it is very important to learn the basic experimental methods.
   Second, I thought I could obtain the opportunity to join a network of researchers by going abroad. But it is also important to learn experimental techniques, I believe future benefits can be obtained in study by creating foreign acquaintances.
   I was able to achieve the above two objectives in this Summer School. I experienced new experimental techniques, such as confocal and TIRF. I think I would like to take advantage of them in future experiments. And I was able to get acquainted with many NTU students.
   I worried about whether I would be able to communicate in English properly before visiting Taiwan. Actually, my English is not so good, but Taiwanese students tried to understand my English. It is said that Japanese people don't speak enough because they worry about grammar, I learned that it is important to talk more and more.
   I was able to learn so much in only two weeks. I want to have an opportunity again to study abroad.

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