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International Academic Exchange

   The majors of medical sciences of the Graduate School of Comprehensive Human Sciences of University of Tsukuba will act as a hub for the international collaborative research and build a global network with the following universities and institutions through substantive international cooperation of research and education: the International Liaison Office in Germany, China, Vietnam ; major Western universities such as Edinburgh University, Victor Segalen Bordeaux 2 University, University of Bologna, University of California; and universities in Asian countries such as National Taiwan University, Ewha Womans University and Vietnam National University.

** National Taiwan University

   National Taiwan University (NTU; 國立臺灣大學) is a national co-educational research university located in Taipei, Taiwan. In Taiwan, it is colloquially known as "Táidà" (台大).
   The university was founded in 1928 by the Japanese administration during the Japanese colonial era and was then known as the Taihoku (Taipei) Imperial University. After World War II, the government of the Republic of China resumed the administration of Taihoku University and reorganized and renamed it National Taiwan University on November 15, 1945.
   NTU is generally considered the top-ranked university in Taiwan. It has strong ties with the Academia Sinica.

(an excerpt from Wikipedia)

* For details, refer to homepage of International Office-Medical Faculty and Students (new window).

International Office -Medical Faculty and Students

Achievement of dual degree program agreement with National Taiwan University

   Dual Degree Program agreement was signed between National Taiwan University (Medicine, Dentistry, Life Science, Bio-Resources and Agriculture) and Graduate School of Comprehensive Human Sciences of University of Tsukuba. Both Universities have promoted the exchange of research education through later described Long Distance Course/ Lecture and Symposium.

** What is the Dual Degree Program?
   This is a system in which that you can obtain a degree from both universities after completing courses of the two universities (including graduate schools) and pass the final exams of both universities.
   Medical sciences majors of the Graduate School of Comprehensive Human Sciences of University of Tsukubareached an agreement of Dual Degree Program with other Universities in Ho Chi Minh City.

Signing ceremony (National Taiwan University): 2012.1.9

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Participating faculty members of the signing ceremony at National Taiwan University

Memorandum was signed between both universities
Concluding of a handshake 1

Concluding of a handshake 2
Concluding of a handshake 3

1.9.2012 Flags of both the countries were placed side by side


Academic Exchange with National Taiwan University

   In the exchanges with universities of Asian countries, the University of Tsukuba and National Taiwan University have already entered into a Academic Exchange Agreement on the university level.

   Through the numerous discussions with visits to both universities by the professors of National Taiwan University (Dr. Tsai-Kun Li, Dr.Han-Yi E. Chou) and majors of medical sciences of University of Tsukuba (Doctoral Program in Biomedical Sciences : Professor Kato, Professor Nagata, Professor Kanaho, Professor Ohneda, Professor Takahashi, Professor Irie; Doctoral Program in Clinical Sciences: Associate Professor Yoh), a short-term visit to National Taiwan University by the graduate students of University of Tsukuba and a "Frontier Science in Biotechnology" ,an online Long-Distance Lecture by both universities have started from last academic year.

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