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Long Distance Course Lecture: Cancer Cell Biology

   In the 2011 Autumn Course, the lectures were conducted as 3-way online lectures with the University of Tsukuba, National Taiwan University and Kyoto University.

Period: September 21, 2011 ~ December 21, 2011

Language: English

Theme: Cancer Cell Biology

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University of Tsukuba:Working Group Menber of Long Distance Course Lecture

Click on the link below for schedule of the following lectures and class reports.

Schedule of 2011 Autumn Course   

Schedule of 2011 Autumn Course

Scenes from Lectures:

  ◯Lecture 1 Orientation

  ◯Lecture 2
    Professor Shu-Chun Teng, National Taiwan University

  ◯Lecture 5
    Professor Kyosuke Nagata, University of Tsukuba

introduction   Orientation

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Orientation was held in Clinical Lecture Room.   
Self-introduction by student from NTU(right).

Self-introduction by student from Kyoto University(left).
Three TA students for University of Tsukuba.
A lecture beyond the space begins.
There were smiles among students in anxiety.


Lecture2   Lecture 2 NTU Scenes from Lecture

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The speaker for lecture 2 was Professor Shu-Chun Teng (National Taiwan University)
The voices of the speakers are clear due to the hi-tech machines,
but because it's in English, students are serious not to miss a word.

The camera on the left is taking live images sent to Kyoto University and NTU.
Top left is Kyoto University, top right is University of Tsukuba,
bottom left is the live image of NTU, the speaker at the moment.
This is a great chance for graduate students to have discussions
and listen to lectures of leading professors in and out of school.


Lecture2   Lecture 5 Univ. of Tsukuba Scenes from Lecture

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Lecture 5 is conducted in University of Tsukuba
The speaker is Professor Kyosuke Nagata of Doctoral Program
in Biomedical Sciences, University of Tsukuba (Infection Biology).
The lecture is on cancer and virus.
Facing top left is Kyoto University, top right is NTU,
bottom left is the image sent out of University of Tsukuba.

The camera in front sends out the image.
The image of resume sent to students' computers is shown.
Students' computers show the same image as the small screen.

Every student in each class are very serious.
Professor Nagata speaks to each one of them.
Students of Kyoto University and NTU surely feel the atmosphere through the screen.


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