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2012 Report on Short-term Visiting Program in Taiwan

Kentaro Honda: M1, Master's Program in Medical Sciences

Accepting Laboratory: Dr.HY Chou Laboratory

Summer School +4

   Before I participated in this program, I had some hesitation about English communication because I thought it was difficult for me to express jokes which I often use in Japanese, although I have some chance to talk with foreign people in Japan. But actually, that was not true. Most of the people who I met there were the same age as me so it was not so difficult to make not only academic discussion, but also funny conversation and laugh with each other and it helped us to know each other and each culture well. I realized that grammatically correct expression is not critical for understanding our personalities, characters, or our countries. I learned that the most important, or valuable thing is our own curiosity about everything we see, feel, eat, smell or meet there. It helps to make our friendship stronger, valuable, or irreplaceable. And it's also not a surprising but actual feeling for me that people who I talk to might be a mirror of myself. Hence, people would hesitate to talk with the person who hesitates and vice versa. I also become a mirror of someone. I want to tell and help to see many things when I meet someone who wants to see or learn something I like with curiosity. I think this feeling is not only mine, it's worldwide. Thus, I learned the most important thing is my own motivation from the bottom of my heart to try to know something new. Having that experience, I became unafraid of anything new for me because it's such fun.

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