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2012 Report on Short-term Visiting Program in Taiwan

Yuichi Takahashi: M1, Master's Program in Medical Sciences

Accepting Laboratory: Dr.SC Miaw Laboratory

Report: 「Summer Program +4 Biotechnology」

   From Aug.19th to Sep. 1st I joined "Summer Program +4 Biotechnology" in National Taiwan University.
   My dream is to be a world-class researcher in the future. Bur I can't speak English frequently. So I thought I must put in myself situations where I need to speak English. I hoped to talk about research with forein researchers in English.
   The first week I joined the laboratory of Dr. Shi-Chuen Miaw and did tests on the theme, "The possibility of the physical interaction between c-Maf and Th-POK".
   C-Maf is one of the transcription factors known to be important for the regulation of cytokine production from the immune cells and for developing the cells of the whole body widely.
   On the other hand, Th-POK is known as a master transcription factor for development and functional differentiation in the thymus of the CD4+T cell and the development of the NKT cell.
   So I made vectors for the ectopic expression of Th-POK to test the physical interaction between the 2 proteins.
   All the students who participated in summer school as the last summary gave a presentation in English. I was so nervous in front of many teachers and TAs. It was difficult to finish the presentation within the time limit. I realized the difficulty of explanation in English and answering questions.
   In the second week I attended a class called "Animal Biotechnology course" with students of NTU. I took lectures about basic experiment techniques of Biotechnology in English. After that we paired up with NTU students and conducted some experiments. For example, real-time PCR, immunostaining . However, it was fresh and it was stimulating to test together while talking in English with a student of NTU. Furthermore, there was an introduction of a new machine and the new experiment technique by some companies and everything was interesting.
   I received a lot of explanations by English for 2-weeks. I was able to have a first experience that I gave a presentation in English in my life. The ability "to talk" in English, honesty is still unpolished. However, I take an English class after coming back to Japan and realize the ability "to hear" English improved.    Furthermore I made many friends in Taiwan. Everyone is so kind to me and take care of me so well. Now I am keeping a touch with some of them.
   My speaking skill in English is still poor. If I got the chance like this time I want to join the program and to make my English skill better.
   I want to keep the effort for my dream with Taiwan's memory.

(From report)


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