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2013 Report on Short-term Visiting Program in Taiwan

Misaki Hidaka: M1, Master's Program in Medical Sciences

Accepting Laboratory: Dr. Shi-Chuen Miaw labratory

Summer School +4 2013

◯ Outcome of the course
   I participated in Summer School +4 for Biotechnology at National Taiwan University. In this summer school program, I had the aim of a English lesson. It was to take a positive attitude with English conversation.While I was in NTU, I practiced this aim for two weeks. Unfortunately, I could not be skilled perfectly in English for two weeks. However, I have gotten the ability of having a ordinary conversation and hearling. And also, It was the first time having a presentation in English. This experience in NTU will influence in my life and research of all.

◯ Experience in a foreign country
    I found Taiwanese traditional culture every day all the time fo two weeks. I felt novel culture in Taiwan all of place, I always excited and stared seeing the station, a building and the streets. I sensed the street and the town using my full body because I had never felt an atmosphere before. A number of students in NTU interested in Japan, I teached them the culture of Japanese and popular songs. Unfortunately my English is not really good, wheas I enjoyed daily conversation in English with NTU students. I thought that I have to use not only language but also an expression end body language, when I want to tell something. In that way, I told them exactly what I want to say.

◯ Content of the Shot-term Visit Program
    I had a sense of fulfillment for two weeks in this summer school program. This program is the full content, for example research in the lab, experiments with NTU students, and lecture. I think I had a good experience. I got a lot of memory and many friends in foreign country. Also, this program is a golden opportunity to know a person doing research who plays an active part in Biology and to see all the world. Participating this program need to have a only mind to do. It leads the all participants in good way when they put all effort to try their best on this program. Sightseeing in Taiwan is one of the purpose on this program.

◯ Influence on your future career
   I do not change my course after graduation. But, I think to change my way of thinking through this program. I had more than enough times to change myself to all of participants. I could make friends in foreign country. Therefore I will be able to exchange opinions about research frankly. I have the aim through this summer school program. It is to talk them many things more deeply, when I see them again someday.

◯ Other
   I am very appreciative of your special support. Because of you I got great oppotunity to spend in Taiwan for teo weeks. Using this opportunity, I will try my best to delicate to my research and study more eagerly. I would like to express my heartfelt thanks.

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