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2013 Report on Short-term Visiting Program in Taiwan

Naoya Inoue: M1, Master's Program in Medical Sciences

Accepting Laboratory: Dr. Shih-Torng Ding labratory

Summer School +4 2013

◯ Outcome of the course
   I studied about selection of generation 2 (G2) transgenic quail and induced differentiation of quail preadipocyte. In order to produce transgenic quails, which have potential for various prospects compared to chicken, selection of G2 is the most important step leading to G3 production in the protocol. Therefore I performed injection of lentivirus into blastoderm in the quail egg and selection of G2 by observation of eGFP on the eggshell (Here eGFP gene was transfected). However, eGFP was detected in none of G2 eggs. From this result, I think that more offspring should have been selected. In the other experiment, quail preadipocyte was cultured in 3 kinds of differentiation medium (Adipogentic, Osteogentic, Chondrogentic) to reveal the stemness of the preadipocyte. The differentiation was confirmed in all of differentiation medium by specific staining. From this result, I confirmed the stemness of quail preadipocyte for the first time and it will lead to further studies. In addition to these, I also learned how to do the presentation in English and could improve self solving problem skills (Ex. Making the presentation by myself etc.)

◯ Experience in a foreign country
   What is the most important for me in this program was solving as many problems as possible by myself. In order to achieve it, I imitated how to do experiments and how to make presentation slides in the lab. I have wanted to know how much I can do by myself over the sea because I think that it is the meaning of this program. When I made my presentation on my own and gave it to the professor, I got scolded by him but I could know my weak points. Therefore I can correct them in the future and it will lead to self-confidence. In addition, I learned the importance of communication with foreign people. I think that while there is communication, there is instruction. That is, we cannot instruct without communication. When my TA taught me at first, she gave me only the protocol and would often speak other lab members in Chinese. However, as I talked to her many times, the lab members including her got to advise me. That is why I learned that the quality of instruction is improved by communication.

◯ Content of the Shot-term Visit Program
   This is very nice program because we could obtain the financial support and have a good experience to study abroad. However, to be honest, I wanted to concentrate my attention on the lab research. Needless to say, the practice between the second week is important but I would like to study more on my own in the lab because I like active education better than passive one.

◯ Influence on your future career
   I would like to work abroad because it is interesting to know the difference between Japan and foreign countries through this program. If I cannot work abroad, I would like to get a job involved in foreign countries.

◯ Other
   I hope the students eager for this program to go to Taiwan because some of the students could not go to Taiwan. In addition, I have wanted to know the program concretely. In open campus and entrance orientation meeting, we could know the attraction but could not know the meaning of the program. We should emphasize that we went to Taiwan to study because some of students may misunderstand to have fun.

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