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2013 Report on Short-term Visiting Program in Taiwan

Yuto Masuda: M1, Master's Program in Medical Sciences

Accepting Laboratory: Dr. Hsin-Yu Lee labratory

Summer School +4 2013

◯ Outcome of the course
    In this summer school program, I belonged to Dr. Hsin-Yu Lee's laboratory; endothelial molecular cell biology. My reserch was concerned about hematopoiesis with lysophosphatidic acid(LPA) at leukemia cell line. I treated siRNA transfection for cell culture and some chemical materials for occuring differentiation, after that checked cell surface markers. These experiments were my first time trial, it was a great experience for me. I also learned plannning for experiment in a short time, because I had a presentation in the end of this summer school. It was difficult to get some data in limited time, but more concentrated for my experiment. Through these experience, I'll want to make use for my laboratory's experiement in Japan.

◯ Experience in a foreign country
     I have been to several foreign countries, but only sight-seeing. So this is the first time for me to study abroad. I worried about how communicate for NTU students in English. In Japan, I sometimes talk with exchange students, but they easily understand what I want to say, nevertheless my talking in English is poor. In this period, the communication tool is only English, so I was nervous. But more and more taling with NTU students, I could easily communicate with them. I thought the most important thing is "don't be afraid mistaking for my pronunciation".

◯ Content of the Shot-term Visit Program
    There were two weeks in this program, the first week was study in the laboratory. The second week was lectures and experiments for getting reserch techniques in animal biotechnology. In the first week, I experienced so interested activity in my laboratory. The second week, I learned some basic experiments but I think, at first we should learn basic experiment and after that we'll do experiments in each laboratories. It means first week we'll have lectures and experiments for reserch techniques, next week we study in the labo.

◯ Influence on your future career
   Now I'm worried about my career plan. I'm thinking for going to doctor's programs or getting a job. I met and talked with many NTU students during this program, some students already decided for going to doctor's and they want to be a resercher. I feel they have no worried about their future, because they do something they want to do now. So I was so influenced for their idea. The most important thing is doing something I want to do. And for achieving my future, I have to study hard and get knowledge.

◯ Other
    I was glad that I had a chance to making friends with other country's people through this summer school program. One of my purpose in this program, I'll make more friends for world-wide. I think it was great scuceeded. This program may have two aspects for students, one is to experience studying abroad and the other is to communicate and contact with many foreign people.These two aspects are very important for our future plan. Finally, Thank you for all teachers at UT concerned with this program, and thank you for NTU teachers and students.

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