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2013 Report on Short-term Visiting Program in Taiwan

Misa Yaguchi: M1, Master's Program in Medical Sciences

Accepting Laboratory: Dr. Han-Yi E. Chou labratory

Summer School +4 2013

◯ Outcome of the course
   I had two purposes for summer school. One was to improve my English skill. I was especially bad at English conversation. In Taiwan, I often made mistakes, but Taiwanese people taught me kindly and often said "Relax and enjoy." Thanks to them, I enjoyed talking without minding grammar that much.
   Another was to acquire new skills and knowledge. I did many kinds of experiments and I had already done some of them in my research, but I used different instruments in Taiwan. They were new experiences and I learned new skills. In addition, some experiments will be useful for my research.

◯ Experience in a foreign country
    The most impressive event in Taiwan was presentation. I had to understand new things from background to future study in two weeks. It was very short term for preparation, so I always thought how to use time efficiently and I had to ask questions positively. This attitude is useful for everything. While I prepared, I found many things that I would like to learn. For example, a Taiwanese student who was my teaching assistant looked my slides and sentences over again just before my turn. He did not compromise at all and often thought me the knack of presentation. I felt keenly that I was immature and I need to study more.

◯ Content of the Shot-term Visit Program
   First, I visited oral biology group. For investigation of protein kinase, I did cell culture, SDS-PAGE, western blot, reporter assay, and so on. I knew almost of them, but first I did not understand why I did them. My teaching assistant explained again and again, so I could understand the story of investigation finally. I felt the importance to think reasons all the time.
   Next, I took lectures and experimented about animal biotechnology. Lectures had many kinds of topics and they were interesting. I learned from not only professor but also application engineer or sales manager. I paired with a Taiwanese student and experimented. We had different experiences, so we helped each other. In free time, we talked about our department or other things.

◯ Influence on your future career
   Before summer school, I thought I would work in hospital and research after work. However, after summer school, I think I would like to study more and research more deeply. I felt I was immature, and it was regrettable for me. I have not decide to become researcher yet, but it is certain that this summer school changed my thinking.

◯ Other
    I was warried about studying in foreign country at first, but now I think it brings confidence to me. The schedule was tight and I was very busy for two weeks. Thanks to this, I will be able to try various things because almost all things will not be harder than the days in Taiwan.

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