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Long-Distance Lecture Course:
The 10th NTU-Japan International mini-symposium @ NTU

   The 10th NTU-Japan International mini-symposium on Molecular and Cell Biology & Promotion of Academic Exchange and Collaborations for NTU-Japan was held at National Taiwan University between January 5 and 9 in 2012. Students of undergraduate and doctoral programs of the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Tsukuba participated along with Kyoto University from Japan and gave poster presentations and exchanged ideas and information about research.

LD:mini-symposium @ NTU   mini-symposium @ NTU

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Gathering of National Taiwan University (NTU), Kyoto University, The University of Tsukuba
View of 10th NTU-Japan International mini-symposium 1

View of 10th NTU-Japan International mini-symposium 2
Professor Irie of University of Tsukuba receiving a gift from the chairperson (professor at NTU) after his lecture.

Vigorous atmosphere at the poster session site 1
Vigorous atmosphere at the poster session site 2

Commemorative photo after Long Distance Lecture
They seemed to give good presentations.

A toast for good work!
Thank you for giving us an opportunity to participate in such a meaningful symposium.


The subject of symposium poster

Kana Kitabayashi
"Staphylococcial cardiolipin synthases Cls1 and Cls2
  ~House keeping and stress response types~"

Vo Nguyen Thanh Thao
"High expression of TMEPAI, a Transmembrance TGF-β Inducible Protein, in Lung Cancer"

Trinh Nhu Thuy
"Identification of the characteristic differences between adipose tissue-derived mesenchymal stem cells from diabetic and non-diabetic donors"

Kotaro Mori
"Tamiflu and Neutralizing Antibody-Resistant Influenza Virus Cell-to-Cell Transmission"

Michiko Kumakura
"Stimulatory mechanism for the production of influenza A virus by non-muscle myosin IIA"

Takanobu Sato
"Tumor growth is enhanced in Phospholipase D knockout mice"

Takamitsu Unoki
"NMDA Receptor-Mediated Activation of the Lipid Kinase PIP5K is Essential for AMPA Receptor Endocytosis during LTD2"


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