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H24 国立台湾大学短期派遣留学報告書

Veronica Teresa Medrano Romero : フロンティア医科学専攻 M1

受入研究室:Dr. ST Ding  研究室

Taiwan Summer Program +4 for Biotechnology

   We spent 2 weeks in the Summer Program +4 for Biotechnology at Taiwan University. During this program we performed a small research project the first week and took a practical course the second week. I had the opportunity to participate in the Molecular Biology Laboratory at the Department of Animal Science and Technology. Here, I was able to expand my knowledge to a field that I had never been, I succeed in generating transgenic quail embryos. All the lab members were really kind and cooperative. I must say a special thank you to my TAs Pippy and Yun also to professor Stone. Through the second week I was also able to have a quick view on how to perform several techniques useful mainly in Animal Biotechnology and applicable in other fields. In this practical course we mixed with Taiwanese students, so I was able to make new friendships. Besides all the new knowledge this opportunity also gave me the opportunity to experience how's the laboratory work and student life in a different Asian country, Taiwan.
   I really enjoyed the two weeks in Taipei. Although it was really hot and humid, all the TAs were really nice with us and made a huge effort for us to have a great time. Besides the lab rotation and practical course we were also able to visit some interesting and beautiful places, like the night market, the National Palace Museum and Jiufen. I'll never forget this experience, nor the people I met.



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