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菊地 琢哉 : フロンティア医科学専攻 M1


受入研究室:Dr. HY Chou 研究室

インターンシップ レポート  Stay In Taiwan


  Stay in National Taiwan university gave me so wonderful experience and valuable opportunities to learn the culture and people in Taiwan.
  I went to Taiwan to study in National Taiwan University for two weeks. The first week, I took the lessons to learn the methods of some experiments, including immunofluorescence, real-time PCR, western blotting. I had never done some of the experiments, so it was really meaningful time for me. The lectures dine by teachers and teaching assistants were so clear that it was easy to understand principles and meaning of the experiments.
  The second week, I worked in HYCE laboratory and did some experiments, ELIZA and immunofluorescence with the students in it. They were so kind and proficient in the experiments, and taught me how to use cells and instruments. Additionally, they had much knowledge of the principle of experiments and background of the research. I realized that there were a lot of talented and smart students overseas.
  After school, my Taiwanese friends took me to restaurants and famous places so I had really wonderful time and precious experiences. Every day I was very happy thanks to my friends, and I will tell you the most impressive experiments in Taiwan. I went to night market in Taipei, which was traditional one. There were enormous people here and it looked a kind of big festival so I asked my friends if it was a special day. However, they told me Night markets were held every day and there were as many people as the day.   There were lots of people and it glittered in the neon and we could buy something charm, something cool, something fashionable in a low price. I got really excited and couldn't know how much time it spent to enjoy going around. I was so happy to go shopping in the marked and really astonished at the wonderful culture.
  In the last of the summer school, I had the opportunity to give the presentation in English. It was first time to present my research in English. The students in the HYCE laboratory helped much for me to give presentation so I am really appreciate for them. It was difficult for me to describe the background of the research in English and answered the question after presentation, but it was really fruitful experiments for me.
  I had so great days in Taiwan. I want to keep on doing my research in Japan with making the use of the experiments in Taiwan.

  Title of my research; SIK2 participates in regulation of insulin secretion



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