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Laboratory of Gene Regulation
Graduate School of Comprehensive Human Sciences
University of Tsukuba

Graduate Students

The laboratory of gene regulation welcomes students who are committed and enthusiastic about science. If you are interested in transcription, chromatin or iPS cells, please contact us.

Our lab participates in two programs covering areas in medical sciences in the Graduate School of Comprehensive Human Sciences. Students who enroll in either of the two programs can do thesis research in our lab.

Our lab emphasizes hands-on instruction in the laboratory to allow students to perform and design elegant experiments. We also help students develop critical thinking and logical interpretation of data, both of which are essential in scientific arena. Students also learn to read and write research papers and learn how to present their own data to other people.

In our graduate programs, students participate in actual research and strongly encouraged develop the critical and independent thinking through their research projects, abilities that are essential for a success in the arena beyond the scientific community.