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2008-2010 “Program for Enhancing Systematic Education in Graduate School”
  Messages from the Representative of Home-International section in“Personalized Medical-Education Renaissance Program”

Home-International section chief (1) Training Program for Career Improvement

   Our purpose in this program is to cultivate a required quality for an international researcher at an early stage of the student’s life and for the graduate students to:

1. Travel abroad to perform joint research at the world’s best advanced medical care and research facilities and companies in and outside the country.
2. Attend to International Conferences (including conferences in Japan) to interact with international researchers, together with gathering world’s most advanced research information.
3. Train oneself of experimental techniques by participating in International Training Course.
4. and other activities which will lead to the students’ career improvement.

(2) Education through Internships

   The students will visit the cooperating places such as cooperative graduate schools, hospitals, medical institutes and social welfare facilities to learn through research and working experiences. The selection of these institutes are made from the cooperative graduate schools and signing facilities by the students. With the experiences in the other research institutes and social welfare facilities, the students learn what is expected of medical and life science researchers.

(3) Seminar on Career Path

We invite researchers and administrative vice-ministers from industries and government facilities as lecturers to participate in a camp-style seminar, together with our graduate students. In this seminar, the students learn the necessity of the Career Path and to comprehend on its social trends. The students plan and manage the seminars which enable them to learn the management skills at the same time.

 Kenji Irie
 Director of Home-International section