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“Program for Enhancing Systematic Education in Graduate School”
 Messages from the Representative of “Personalized Medical-Education Renaissance Program”

the Head of this program    The medical graduate school of University of Tsukuba is constructed of five majors, Doctoral Program in Nursing Sciences and two Doctoral Programs―Doctoral Programs in Life System Medical Sciences and Clinical Sciences, and two Master’s Programs ―Master’s Programs in Medical Sciences and Nursing Sciences. The three majors ―Doctoral Programs in Life System Medical Sciences and Clinical Sciences and Master’s Program in Medical Sciences have cooperated together with a mind to innovate the educational system of the graduate school to propose this project “Personalized Medical-Education Renaissance Program” and has been adopted by the “Program for Enhancing Systematic Education in Graduate School” project of Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.
   The educational goals of our medical graduate school are the cultivation of
1) highly-skilled researchers with interdisciplinarity, internationality and pioneering mind
2) medical professionals with a mind of a researcher , company employees with advanced medical knowledge and administration officials who can respond to people’s demands through the practices in the industries and government facilities.
   With these goals as our policy, we are progressing variety of reforms in the graduate school with “substantialing the education of medical graduate school” as our slogan to provide a captivating graduate school education. In 2005 -2006, our medical majors’“Experiencing Global Standards Musha-shugyo Program” has been adopted by the“Initiatives for Attractive Education in Graduate School” project. This program has been enforcing with the following three projects:
Home Project : establishment of new curriculum for the cultivation of researchers,
Home-International Project:internships based in industries and government facilities of the Tsukuba Science City,
International Project : gathering information on world’s advanced researches in developed countries and performing practices for the development of education research in developing countries (Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam).
   And with the Musha-shugyo program, we have been able to construct an educational program where the interdisciplinarity, independency and pioneering mind of the graduate students are cultivated.
   The“Personalized Medical-Education Renaissance Program” aims to substantialize the grand design of the future curriculum by returning to the starting point of the educational goals of medical graduate school. By continuing the already established programs that are listed above, we emphasize on strengthening the interdisciplinarity, diversity and sociality of the graduate students to strive on the education of developing medical professionals who will be able to perform their duties outside their fields. A new installation of a Teaching Fellow (TF) System is an example of our effort of presenting an awareness and preparation as an educator in higher education for graduate students wishing to be an academic.
   With our unique and leading-edge researches, we promise to engage in the development of the advanced education which the students may find appealing.

 Yasunori Kanaho
 Vice Provost
 Graduate School of Comprehensive Human Sciences