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National Taiwan University - University of Tsukuba Long-Distance Course Lectures       

Frontier Sciences in Biotechnology       

Online Lecture with the mutual communication
 between National Taiwan University and University of Tsukuba

◇ The Aims of the Course  : 
    Promoting international long-distance academic and research exchanges
    Boosting scientific communication and learning in English
    Exploring biological sciences in the translational aspects

◇ Course Period : Sept. 15 - Dec. 29, 2010 (On every Wednesday)

◇ Candidates for enrollment : Graduate Students in
    the Master's Program in Medical Sciences
    the Doctoral Program in Life System Medical Sciences
    the Doctoral Program in Clinical Sciences

◇ Format : 
    Special lecture by the both university-professors
    Paper presentation and discussion led by student groups
    General discussion on biotechnological implications

◇ Scenery : 

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