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2012 Report on Short-term Visiting Program in Taiwan

Kana Kitabayashi: M1, Master's Program in Medical Sciences

Accepting Laboratory: Dr.TK Li Laboratory

Short visit in Taiwan

   I got new vision for not only my lab life but also my future by this short visit. Before visiting Taiwan, I was not make sure in myself, and thought everything negatively. But after this, I can be confident in my abilities. Of course, sometimes I felt frustrated because I could not understand TA's words and also I could not be understood myself. Those problems almost solved thanks to TAs. Effect of my effort, my English speaking skills was level up step by step.
   What I feel importance is communication between Japanese and Taiwanese. Generally it is said that Japanese people can read English, but they cannot speak. I think too and just I was one of those people. So, this short visit program is very hard training for me. I feared the condition that everyone cannot understand Japanese. However, such worries proved to be groundless. I could communicate with everyone! But, I was frustrating to say my opinions correctly when we discussed about results of experiments. In future, I'm going to get the opportunities to talk with foreigners. Saying my opinion definitely is important thing. My thinking about learning foreign languages are changing.
   For 1 week during this program was lab rotation. I joined microbiology lab (Pro. TK-Li) and did experiments about new theme for me using by new techniques for me. First, I couldn't understand the backgrounds, techniques. My TAs helped me until midnight one by one. I felt strongly the Taiwanese student's approach bout study. They study with vivacity. They have many experiments and discussions. On the other hands, they also think playing is important. They have tea time and sometimes they go home early and play in somewhere. I think it is one reason of their good achievements. I should check my schedules in an efficient fashion.
   I got English speaking skills and experiments technique during this short visit. In the end of this document, I want to say thank you for who collaborate between University of Tsukuba and National Taiwan University, especially my TAs

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