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2012 Report on Short-term Visiting Program in Taiwan

Yancheng Liu: M1, Master's Program in Medical Sciences

Accepting Laboratory: Dr.CK Lee Laboratory

Taiwan summer school report

   From 8.19 to 9.1, I participated in the Taiwan summer school program in National Taiwan University (NTU).
   In the first week, we went to our chosen laboratories separately. I was in Professor Lee' laboratory. Professor Lee works on immunity, especially focusing on STAT3, a signal transducer for innate immunity. He is very serious about scientific research. In laboratory meetings, he pauses the presentation time after time to point out all the misses made by the presenter or questions the presenter to see whether he or she understand their projects deeply. Thanks to his serious attitude, I learned a lot in the meetings and understand the importance of being meticulous in scientific work. Furthermore, I learned many techniques there. I studied of interferon response in vivo. I learned how to retrieve total mRNA from tissue and utilize those samples to do qRT-PCR and I also acquired the tail vein injection technique after practicing it again and again. I am sure that what happened that week was a valuable and rare experience for my throughout study life.

   In the second week, we got together and had lectures on some fundamental biology techniques or the latest information about new techniques and performed some basic experiments with NTU students. Thursday evening, we each did a presentation in English. It was a good chance for me to enhance my English communication and presentation ability. That week I gained not only knowledge but also friendship with NTU students. It will be a treasure in my whole life.
   Thanks to this short visit, I have learned many new techniques and got deeper insight about Taiwanese culture and Japanese culture and found friendship with many NTU students and Tsukuba University students. Last, I really want to thank the professors who made this program, the kind International Office staff in the University of Tsukuba and the TAs of NTU, who helped us a lot. Thank you very much.

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